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Published July 12, 2018

Advertisements come in all styles and structures, depending on the product, brand voice, and ad content. Visuals are a significant component of any good advertisement layout, as they convey your message more appealingly to your target audience. An illustration is one such type of visual content that can be very powerful when used in flyers, billboards, posters, web banners, advertorials and more.

If you haven’t used illustrations in advertisements yet, it’s about time you start! Here are a few of the many advantages illustrations offer in ad campaigns:

Illustrations are very versatile

You can design them to depict mythical creatures, Gods, fantasy characters and more. You can create things that do not exist, fictional people who never lived or came back from the dead, or characters whose race, gender or age can’t be determined. This helps convey your story or idea in a more fun and creative way.

This whimsical illustration of the famous Oreo cookie is centred on a single word “Twist.”

fe517f15723acd719ecef1fcf1a5987d-650-80Image via Creative Bloq

Illustrations show concepts and processes that can’t be photographed

For example, you can explain how a specific machine works on the inside or how a human heart functions. You can expand your range of ideas and explore various concepts without worrying about how to capture them through photography.

This illustration makes a powerful statement about how ocean pollution affects humans too.

Pieter van Eenoge Y&R, Amsterdam, Netherlands _ Y&R, Paris, France 2Image via The Informed Illustrator

Illustration showcase emotion, personality, attitude or expression effortlessly

You can achieve this objective through photography as well; however, it may be difficult to achieve with complicated subjects. Illustrations can simplify these aspects and help create different stylistic designs.

This colourful illustration shows the inner workings of a child’s mind.

5957d0eb-4505-4b16-8484-0e13bf748777-480x720Image via The Guardian

Illustrations are a cost-effective choice for many brands

Photography can burn a hole in the pocket, with set creation, location, actors, and post-production work. Illustration help overcome the cost challenge by delivering great results and grabbing eyeballs at a lesser price.

This illustration shows the toughness of Levi’s kids’ jeans via “Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.”

levisHUMPTYImage via BhatNaturally

Although marketers have used illustrations in advertisements since years, they’re still popular thanks to their distinct style and creative appeal. Brands who use them in their ads know why they work and understand their advantages. We hope you’ll give illustrations a try in your next advertisement!

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