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Five Reasons to Create a Corporate Anthem

Since childhood, you've probably heard a lot of anthems: national anthem, school song, and more. But have you ever thought of a corporate anthem? The concept isn't new; IBM came ou

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Here's Why You Should Use Illustrations in Advertisements

Advertisements come in all styles and structures, depending on the product, brand voice, and ad con

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The Truth About Ad Films in Marketing: They'll Never Go Out of Fashion!

Marketers have been using ad films in their promotional campaigns for decades. The first one was aired on television in 1941, and from then there was no looking back. Films speak a

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How to Promote Your Business Through Brand Films

Who doesn't love a good story? Stories can impact people profoundly, by establishing an emotional connect. When you tell people about your brand through a visually compelling story

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Plan a Product Launch Event in Four Easy Steps

When you have a new product to showcase to the world, a launch event makes perfect sense. It gives you a grea

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Pharmaceutical Market - Is It Following the Digitally Native Generation?

With the coining of the term "digitally native" in 2001, the industrial market was spurred to make significant changes in their marketing strategies. It is undoubtedly understood t

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Take the Stress Out of Improving User Experience. Read these Strategies!

We all know that 'Customer is King' when it comes to any business. Your website should reflect this thought and provide a simple, intuitive experience to visitors. If they find it

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Building a Website Doesn't Have to Be Hard. Try These Web Design Softwares!

When you want to create an online presence for your brand or business, the first task at hand is developing a great website. It should be impressive and portray the picture that yo

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Learn How to Write an Effective Boilerplate for Press Releases

What is a company boilerplate?
It is a summary of a company, added at the end of a

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Common Public Relations Myths Debunked: Know the Truth!

There a lot of misconceptions that surround the world of public relations. Today we're going to bust some of th


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