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Published June 20, 2018

Visual merchandising is using displays, layouts, signs, decorations, and other elements in a retail store to attract customers. The ultimate goal of a visual merchandiser is to engage potential buyers and promote sales.

Why is visual merchandising essential?

To understand this, let’s recollect the term FMOT (First Moment of Truth) coined by A.G. Lafley, CEO of Procter & Gamble. FMOT is the moment “when consumers stand in front of a store shelf and decide whether to buy a P&G brand or a competing product.” It is in the FMOT when you need to make the right impact on the customer and create a positive experience. That’s why visual merchandising plays a vital role in product display.

So, if you have been thinking of implementing visual merchandising in your store, then you are on the right track!

innovative visual merchandising ideas

To inspire you, we’ve picked out some of the most interesting visual merchandising examples that we’ve seen in the recent past. All these had a positive effect on customers and acted as “silent salespeople.” Take a look!

Canisters pouring paint over Tommy Hilfiger chinos to add some colour. This in-store display is hard to miss, and it makes heads turn.

araez078-uai-1440x810Image via Alex Aráez

Creative window display for perfumes – catch a whiff! This unique installation instantly makes an impact on passers-by.

86b6a6aadf32f1014b593cf24a3c1a84Image via Pinterest

Hermès showcased its handbags inside a massive frame of–guess what–a handbag! This style of presenting the bags is simple yet eye-catching.

Hermes-Leather-Forever-6-Burlington-Gardens-London-6Image via CDClifestyle

What do you love about summer? Instead of displaying their seasonal furniture and boringly, IKEA uses visual merchandising to grab eyeballs.

IMG_3360_670Image via Kimberley Madeya

Products from different categories grouped to style an entire outfit. This type of arrangement helps boost cross-selling.

sarah-parker-british-fashion-council-4Image via Trendland

Going the extra mile shows great results. This one-of-a-kind display shows birds flying from one window to another to create an exciting effect.

m4bImage via Vanda

If you have an exclusive collection to promote, why not incorporate the theme into your visual merchandising plan? Dunnes Stores in Dublin, Ireland, used this very idea in their retail space.

ffaad4e7c75655ef35bead0f3d4a4873Image via Pinterest

What’s your favourite type of pasta? This window display in Rome shows all the different kinds of pasta that the store stocks in a super creative way.

52101b30898fbfae6d815809cf5f929aImage via Pinterest

Why place shoes on racks when you can tuck them inside a watermelon slice? A display like this adds a deliciously refreshing look to your store.

fac96b50d10eb56076368a861bb4c820Image via Pinterest

As the examples listed above demonstrate, visual merchandising is an art—the art of using ideas in combination with space, lights and objects to allure customers and encourage sales. Whether your retail outlet is small or big, you can definitely benefit from this art. If you haven’t tried it out, give it a shot today!

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