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Published July 30, 2018

When you think of Vodafone, the SIM card company, what song comes to your mind? “You and I, in this beautiful world!” Did you sing this in your head? That’s how powerful great ad jingles can be!

In today’s time, even though digital marketing seems to be the number one priority for most brand marketers, traditional advertising techniques are still valuable for brand awareness and recall. Jingles are one such advertising tactic, which can leave a lasting impact on every listener. Vodafone was able to do this through its catchy song, and so you can you.

Jingles in Advertising

Advertising on the TV, radio or web is all about making a strong brand impression on your target audience. A fun ditty can help you achieve this goal effectively. When your commercial plays on the radio, TV or YouTube, listeners connect your brand name with the idea or concept that you want to convey. So, the next time they see a print or outdoor ad for your product or service, your message is reinforced in their minds. This creates a stronger brand memory and boosts the likelihood of future sales with these customers.

Why Are Jingles So Important?

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why ad jingles work on improving top-of-mind awareness.

Power of music: Songs are easier to remember. Take the example of how teachers use music to help kids memorize science and math concepts. The alphabet is also taught to kids using a song; which we hum even today when we want to remember the placement or order of any letter(s). The human brain can quickly conjure up memories when you associate them with a song.

Creativity stands out: Jingles are creative, and that’s why they’re a cut above other forms of advertising. Think about the commercials you see on TV. You watch them quickly, one after the other, and probably forget all about them by the time your show is back on. But what happens when you see a commercial with a creative jingle? It doesn’t get lost in the steady stream of ads, and it makes the specific brand or product unique.

An emotional connection: Music can have an emotional connect with people and leave a positive impression on their minds. This emotional connection is critical when you want them to choose your product or service instead of your competitors’. An appealing jingle that’s great to hum, and full of information that listeners are interested in, helps establish a vast customer base.

The Verdict

Your product jingle can be short and creative, or long and informative; making it memorable and catchy is the key to winning a brand-new set of customers. Incorporate great ad jingles in your marketing campaign and see the difference!

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