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Published June 28, 2018

When you want to create an online presence for your brand or business, the first task at hand is developing a great website. It should be impressive and portray the picture that you want to paint for your company. That’s why it is crucial to pick the right web design software that helps you build such a fantastic website.

Here’s a list of the top web design software to help you get started.

Adobe Dreamweaver

This web design software from Adobe lets you create professional, dynamic websites. It features various starter templates which you can work with to make your own HTML emails, e-commerce pages, blogs, About pages, portfolios and newsletters. It provides access code hints so you can figure out web standards like HTML and CSS quickly.


This cloud-based development platform comes with thousands of features to help you create a personalized website. Its drag and drop web system is equipped with over 500 templates, HTML5 capabilities, top grade hosting and innovative apps. You can choose from Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, Wix Editor and Wix Code.


This web design tool offers all the features you need to develop a website with ease. It lets you create responsive websites with great typography. It also allows you to choose from absolute, static and fixed positioning to design dynamic layouts. You can apply a preferred style to different elements and change it from a single location.

macaw-the-web-design-tool-for-programmers-hits-kickstarterImage via Digital Ink


This website maker is free for commercial use and perfect for creating responsive websites without the need for any coding. People from non-tech backgrounds can quickly and easily design small or medium websites, landing pages and promo sites on Window and Mac using this software. Just drag and drop pre-made blocks to create custom pages.

gif05Gif via Mobirise


This is another easy to use website builder, with a drag and drop editor for adding elements like text, maps, photos and videos to your website. It comes with lots of pre-designed layouts to choose from, along with video backgrounds, custom headers, and customisable colour and image backgrounds. You can use it to create a website, e-commerce store or blog.


This responsive site designer helps you design CSS or HTML files from scratch, and it features an inbuilt FTP uploader to publish your site anywhere. You can use it to build website menus and nested menus with ease. This web builder suggests tags as you type code, and it shows you the preview of your website underneath the code you write.

shoppingcartcreatorpro_mainImage via Coffee Cup

These tools should help you develop an impressive website for your company. If you’re stuck with the process or need professional web design services, Contact Us!

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