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Published June 26, 2018

There a lot of misconceptions that surround the world of public relations. Today we’re going to bust some of the common public relations myths and share the corresponding facts with you. Take a look!

Myth: Good products don’t require publicity

Truth: No matter how great your service or product is, you need to get the word out and about, and PR offers an effective way to achieve this goal. It is crucial for building good relations and managing positive perceptions.

Myth: PR is easy

Truth: PR is not as simple as it seems, and it may not be wise to dive in alone. There are tons of businesses out there hoping to get press coverage, so you need the help of experienced professionals to make sure you create a consistently good brand image.

Myth: It’s just about being social

Truth: Although relationship building is key to good PR, it is not the only part of a PR professional’s daily tasks. Communication, research, coordination and management all play an essential role in any PR strategy.

Myth: It cannot be measured and is therefore not worth it

Truth: It’s true that PR results can’t be evaluated with statistics or quantified. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in it. Good media coverage is more credible than other forms of engaging customers, such as through advertising.

Myth: It’s only for corporates or luxury brands

Truth: This is one of the most inaccurate public relations myths. PR can serve a variety of clients, not just the corporates or luxury brands. Even B2B companies, non-profits or public affairs groups can benefit from good PR.

Myth: It gives overnight fame

Truth: PR may not make an organization famous overnight. It aims to earn media rather than buy it, so you can’t control the outcome. It’s best to plan an effective PR strategy and work towards it without seeking instant fame.

Myth: No one uses press releases anymore

Truth: Press releases are still alive and kicking. Their writing practices may have become different over the years, but they are used and requested by journalists event today. That’s why it’s vital to add press releases to your PR campaign.

Myth: PR is all about twisting truths

Truth: Experienced PR professionals don’t twist the truth or use propaganda techniques. They make clients’ and journalists’ lives easier. Today the audience is smarter and has a multitude of sources for news. Hence, PR pros rely on sharing honest, newsworthy content.

Do you agree with these truths? Which other public relations myths would you want to see busted? Let us know in the comments!

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