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Published August 20, 2018

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may seem simple to newbies. You add a few keywords to your content, optimise your website, and get a lot of links. Then you wait with bated breath for traffic. Days, weeks, and months may go by before your site receives the number of visitors you expected. What went wrong?

SEO mistakes happen all the time; it’s critical to identify them as quickly as possible to minimise damage. Here are some of the frequently committed SEO blunders that you should look out for.

Link errors

With great websites come a great number of pages. Your immense amount of content can create lots of problems with your website’s link structure. According to a 2017 study by SEMrush, 33.29% sites faced issues with links and redirects, including temporary redirects, broken external links, and internal as well as external links with nofollow attributes.

Duplicate content

Another one of the frequently observed SEO mistakes is duplicate content. Adding page after page can sometimes lead to this issue, wherein one or more page ends up with the same material. Whether it’s occurring through pagination or session IDs, this issue can cause search engine bots to get confused and may even cause your site to get penalised.

Outdated technology

Search engine bots may not be able to read old technology. It can lead to indexing problems on your site. Some of the common mistakes in this aspect include using frames and flash content, as well as not declaring a doctype.

Inefficient meta tags

Duplicate or unoptimized meta content often goes unnoticed as website owners don’t consider it as important as the actual page content. However, when correctly optimized with primary target keywords and relevant content, title tags and meta descriptions can help boost your site’s rankings and click through rate.

Incorrect keywords/keyword stuffing

Picking the wrong keywords, which don’t describe your product or service accurately, can affect your rankings as well as conversions. Even if you use the correct keywords but use them too frequently in your page content, it can be counterproductive. Google’s algorithms can identify keyword stuffing, so overusing them in a bid to rank higher won’t do your website any good.

As per a study conducted by Search Engine Journal, about 75% of users don’t scroll past the first search engine results page. To ensure your site ranks on the first page of your targeted keyword search, you need to avoid the above-listed SEO mistakes.

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