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Published August 14, 2018

Webcasting lets you share your message with a vast audience in any corner of the world, in a cost-effective manner. However, the impact of your webcast depends on how smoothly it goes, and how well you are able to deliver the content without any glitches.

If you want to host great webcasts that always leave a positive impression on attendees, then you are at the right place. Whether you are new to making webcasts or have organized a few already, we have all the tips and tricks you need to make your next online event memorable. Read on!

Prep work

You need to define the webcast goal: what are you offering to attendees and why? Are you trying to market specific products or services? Do you want to train customers on something to bring down support costs?

Communication between you and your webcasting solutions provider needs to be clear right from the beginning. Make sure they have all the tools and recording equipment that you will need to run the webcast smoothly.

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Technical details

An efficient webcast service provider will be able to help deliver your content flawlessly. Make sure you do your homework and hire the right agency, which can facilitate a seamless webcast.

Before the event begins, you can feature a welcome slide and one or two more explaining how to ask questions or get the content after the webcast is over.

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Make it interactive

If all you’ve planned for your webcast is slide after slide, it’s time to add interactive elements for the audience’s benefit. You can pique their interest through polls, Q&A sessions and other predetermined interactions.

You can also call on specific attendees to share their thoughts after you’ve displayed some content, or ask them to respond to a quiz you’ve created in advance to encourage engagement.

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Start by creating attractive email invitations and send them to the desired audience. Walk participants through the process of registration to make their life easier.

Share the webcast invite on your website as well as all your social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Create a fun hashtag related to the event and use it for promotions about 3-4 times per week. You can also look for relevant groups on these social networking sites and post there too.

By adhering to these tips and following marketing best practices, you can conduct fantastic webcasts that make a lasting impact on attendees.

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