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Published August 3, 2018 any conference, product launch or trade show, event registration is the first link between you and the participants. It is your first impression on the attendees, and therefore it must be the best. Sloppy registration can dampen the event vibe, whereas a seamless one sets the right tone for the rest of the day or evening.

If you think you have it all sorted out, think again. You want to make sure you have planned all the aspects related to registrations, down to the last detail. Here are some tips to facilitate a seamless registration system.

Choose automated online registrations:

Computerized registrations help cut down on repetitive tasks. With the help of an online ticketing system, you can automate registrations and send real-time confirmation like receipts by email without manual intervention. Choose a trusted payment gateway for this process, so that customer payments go through smoothly.

Use the same system for offline ticketing:

You ought to get your offline ticketing done on the same system, which you chose for online registrations. It is a necessary step to avoid loss of important customer data. The tickets can be sent to the attendees by post.

Opt for technology-based registrations onsite:

At your event registration desk onsite, incorporate new technologies into your processes for shorter queues. Some of the options to consider are self check-in kiosks and face detection systems. You can also use RFIDs and QR codes to check attendees in quickly and avoid crowding at the registration desk.

Apart from the pointers mentioned above, we’ve also put together a few more general tips that will make your event registration hassle-free:

  • Head to the venue a day before to check network connections. Ensure that the internet connection is strong enough to connect to your remote servers, and there are no firewalls in place that stop your system at any stage.
  • Based on the number of participants you expect, position decent-sized workforce at the registration desk. The minimum quantity we recommend is one staff member for every 100 guests.
  • Set up a separate information desk so that people don’t ask event-related questions at the registration desk. You can also hand out event schedules or layouts at the registration desk to address problems related to the agenda.
  • Maintain uniformity of staff dress code for a professional look.
  • Carry the required extension cords, chargers and other essentials to keep your laptops and handheld devices well powered at all times. Check where the power outlets are located in the venue beforehand, and make sure your desk is situated close to one.
  • Office supplies like pens, tape, staplers, markers, paper clips and similar items should be at hand at all times. It makes the process smooth and doesn’t cause hold-ups for small issues that crop up during registration.
  • Invest in proper signage; it’s vital, especially in a cramped area. It should be big and displayed high enough to see in a crowd. There may be multiple events happening at the venue, so make sure your conference or show’s name is added to the sign as well.

We hope these tips make your registration process fuss-free. Remember, providing the best experience to your attendees during registrations goes a long way in making your event a fantastic success.

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