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Published July 11, 2018

Marketers have been using ad films in their promotional campaigns for decades. The first one was aired on television in 1941, and from then there was no looking back. Films speak a universal language, which people from all walks of life understand. A good film enthrals its viewers through a powerful visual combination of video and audio. Be it a live action film, a 2D/3D animated clip, a motivational video, or a brand story; it can share your message in an impactful manner.

Not convinced? We’ll take you through a few reasons why communicating with your customers through ad films will not be going out of fashion anytime soon.

Films convince people to buy your product

A study conducted by Wyzowl revealed that 74% of people were persuaded to purchase a product or service when they watched the brand’s video. That’s because a video has the capacity of creating an emotional connection with viewers, which is difficult through text or audio alone.

Take a look at Apple’s Super Bowl commercial for the Macintosh computer in 1984. It piqued everyone’s interest in the new computer, which was to compete with the IBM PC.

Adding a film to your website boosts online sales

According to research by EyeView digital, using a video on your landing page can increase conversions by a whopping 80%. In this digital age, ad films play a critical role in online marketing strategies. Another report by MarTech said that a well-optimised video could promote the chances of your brand rank on the first Google search engine result page by 53 times. Hence online videos help with both improved SEO and more conversions.

Impactful films lead to higher engagement

Visual content is key to enhanced engagement with your target audience. And videos take visual content to the next level by using sound and effects for an added advantage. A news piece by Reuters predicted that over 84% of communication might be visual by the end of 2018.

Watch the below video by Coca-Cola surprising people who make Christmas special for us.

Great films help build trust

The concept of marketing should be built on trust between consumers and brands. Inspiring ad films ignite positive emotions in viewers and helps create long-term relationships with them. Instead of directly nudging them to make a purchase, brands that focus on sharing useful video content can draw potential customers towards them.

Check out this Canadian Tire’s ad, “Wheels,” which demonstrates its support to the Canadian Olympic Team, while incorporating its product ‘wheels’ in the story.

Now you know why films will always help you connect with your potential customers better. They build trust, boost engagement, promote sales and increase online conversions. So, don’t forget to add a good film or two to your next marketing campaign!

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