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Published July 13, 2018

Since childhood, you’ve probably heard a lot of anthems: national anthem, school song, and more. But have you ever thought of a corporate anthem? The concept isn’t new; IBM came out with its first company ditty “Ever Onward IBM” in 1931. Since then, many organizations have rolled out songs that reflect their goals, values and culture. Some are centred on short-term ambitions such as annual goals, while others focus on long-term aspirations.

If your business doesn’t have an anthem yet, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting one made.

  1. It showcases your company’s core values and principles. These values are what guide employees to complete their day-to-day tasks with honesty, integrity and character. Reiterating them through a fun yet meaningful anthem helps establish the same principles better among both new and old employees.
  1. When an organization contains a diverse group of employees, coming from different backgrounds, a powerful anthem brings in a great sense of unity. A motivational song can strike a chord with the workforce and give them a feeling of belonging and togetherness.
  1. It inspires employees to do greater things. When people do the same work day in and day out, it can make them feel like they’re stuck in a rut. When you convey the firm’s dreams and ambitions through a song, people begin to believe in them and work harder towards achieving them.
  1. A great anthem is a perfect way to celebrate the accomplishments of your company. Appreciating the commitment and dedication of the workforce through a song brings excitement and renewed energy to everyone in the organization. It gives the listeners an “emotional high,” and they feel proud to work for your organization.
  1. In the case of external communications too, an anthem represents your company’s principles as well as future goals. Be it with customers, clients or vendors, a memorable song leaves a positive impression on everyone associated with your organisation.

Here are some fun, exciting or motivational corporate anthems to spark your creativity.

This KPMG corporate song came from one of the finalists in the 2008 KTV employee video contest.

Tata Steel’s corporate anthem brings the Tata Steel family together to remind them of the company’s principles.

The Birla Sun Life corporate anthem asks all its employees to stay focused, dedicated and united.

In conclusion, a great anthem reflects your company’s values; unites, motivates and energizes the workforce; and celebrates your most significant accomplishments. If you take culture building communication seriously, it’s time your organization has its own inspirational anthem. Contact us to start creating one today!

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