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Published August 6, 2018

Every year, the events industry experiences some new, exciting trends that redefine conference and show design. Currently, there are a lot of trends that are majorly shaping up the way event managers are planning shows worldwide. Curious to know what these are? Take a look at our list of the latest event trends.

Unique concepts and venue design

If there is one thing that creates an instant impact on attendees, then it is the event concept and venue design. Although people still use conventional layouts, lots of event professionals are incorporating unique ideas. These range from industrial settings to eco-friendly themes.

Personalized events

Attendees are now expecting some form of customisation at events. Organizers are sending out digital surveys to collect information about the activities they plan to offer. Some are also using AI services like chatbots to answer participants’ questions instantly throughout the event.

Interactive technology

More and more events are integrating immersive technology such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and holograms for enhanced engagement. Organizers are exploring advanced, computer-generated environments to connect with attendees better. Interactive technology at conferences is essential since it gives participants something to do during the event.

Capturing and streaming events

People are now recording shows with the help of the latest technology. Videos are more popular than ever, so lots of events are streamed live for remote attendees. Event planners have begun to use drones to film and stream their shows from different angles. This is for the benefit of participants who can’t make it to the event in person.

Event awareness

Companies have started creating awareness about their event days or even months before D-day. They come up with a hashtag and use it to post images and video content on all social media channels. It gets a buzz going on and makes people look forward to the event.

Improved security

Natural disasters and terror attacks have underlined the need for better safety and security. However, the presence of too many security personnel may make attendees anxious; so, you need to take a conscious effort not to go overboard. Technology–such as tracking crowds via apps or viewing foot traffic through heat maps–also helps deploy better security measures.

The above-listed event trends are taking the industry to new heights concerning growth and success. The Indian events industry is growing exponentially year after year. It is touted to go over INR 10,000 crore by the year 2020-21 as per a study by the Event and Entertainment Management Association. As it adapts with the help of advanced technology and participant-centric ideas, the growth rate remains high. Let’s see how trends like customisation, digitisation and innovative design play a role in this growth during the upcoming years.

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