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Published August 15, 2018

Launching a new product or service? Want to improve brand awareness? Not sure how to extend your reach? If your answer to these questions was yes, then the solution you are looking for is influencer marketing.

Is influencer marketing a new concept?

Not really. If you aren’t sure how it works, think about traditional advertisements with celebrity endorsements. When people see a celebrity they love talking about a product, they may want to buy and use that product too. Influencer marketing is a modern-day marketing strategy built on the same age-old principle. The basic premise is that fans or followers of an endorsing “influencer” are more inclined to purchase a product.

How does influencer marketing work?

Consider a fashion blogger like Julie Sariñana who has 4.9 million followers on Instagram. When fashion giant H&M wanted to promote its 2017 fall collection, it chose to partner with Julie, to reach out to her followers. As you can see in the post below, about 55k people liked the post by Julie, which helped H&M get the word out about its fall collection effectively.

Another example of influencer marketing is Motorola’s campaign for advertising its Moto Z and Moto Mods at Lenovo Tech World in 2016. The smartphone company worked with 13 popular YouTube influencers to create engaging content with subtle brand placement. Each influencer designed a post for partnership announcement, a video on Moto Mods use, and a minimum of two social media posts. Look at the below video by Ingrid Nilsen, where she meets a famous fashion designer Vivienne Tam. During the course of the video, Ingrid uses the Moto phone and explains the use case of one of the Moto mods. She does this without making it appear forced or overly branded.

Why is influencer marketing so effective?

Instead of creating expensive traditional ads with celebrities, many top brands are now using influencers to achieve product or brand awareness. Think about it this way: if a brand creates a celebrity endorsed product ad and runs it on YouTube, how many people would actually view it? Many would skip it, and some would even use a browser extension like AdBlock to filter the ad out. However, what if the same brand works with an influencer to introduce the product in one or more of their videos? People would actually watch it till the end and get to know about the product.

Similarly, on Facebook and Instagram, brands can effectively share their product USP or information via influencers who have a massive fan following. Unlike celebrities, influencers can be anyone and anywhere, and they can have hundreds of thousands of followers who wait for them to upload a new post.

Who’s your favorite influencer? Share your favorite bloggers/vloggers with us in the comments!

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