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Published July 16, 2018

“You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Have you heard this line? Snickers ran a few commercials on this campaign, which struck a chord with customers and boosted sales. Before this campaign, the chocolate brand was losing market share and lagging behind the competition. After it came up with this winning commercial, Snickers saw a rise in global sales by 15.9%. They also helped grow market share in 97% of the markets in which it featured.

What makes commercial advertising so impactful? Is it imperative to include it in your marketing campaign?

To answer these questions, we’ll take you through some of the key benefits of commercial advertising. Read on!

It generates awareness:

Commercials can effectively create awareness about your product or service. They show your target audience that the answer to their needs exists, and it lies in purchasing your product. Rather than waiting for referrals or expecting people to find your goods by chance, showcasing a commercial helps get the word out faster.

It has a broad reach:

When you want to engage with a large number of prospective customers, commercial advertising is a fantastic option. 1.59 billion households in the world have at least one TV set in their home, and radio reaches more than 95% of virtually every segment of the population. That’s why TV and radio commercials have a more extensive reach than newspaper ads.

It educates people:

What better way to teach people about your offerings than a good commercial? Unlike print ads, this visual method of explanation drives the message home and stays long in viewers’ minds. If your ad informs people about how they can use your products to fix an issue or improve something in their lives, then it can be more impactful.

It helps with branding

When people repeatedly view your commercials, your brand leaves a strong impression on them. Consider a scenario where they need to make quick-buying decisions. In this situation, your brand comes to their mind because of the great commercials they watched about your product several times. This can, in turn, generate sales.

It sets your products apart

When customers have to choose between your products and others’, yours should always stand out. Commercial advertising offers a great way to compare two or more products and inadvertently show that your product trumps all. Subtly pointing out the differences can promote your brand in the minds of buyers.

Take a look at a few great commercials, which will inspire you to get one made for your product as well:

Commercials take your message and convey it straightforwardly to potential customers. You can control what you want to say and how, and you don’t have to worry about your products going unnoticed. All these advantages make commercial advertising an attractive option in any marketing plan.

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