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Published July 27, 2018

Technology is advancing rapidly in today’s time. All industries are incorporating it into their processes, and the events industry is no exception. Most event management companies are already using advanced technology for conferences, exhibitions and shows. If you don’t want to fall behind the competition, then you must keep up with the new event technology that top professionals are using. Not sure what these are? Read on!

Projection mapping

Flat screen projection can be uninteresting at times. That’s when projection mapping can be a great boon for making your event pop! Using this technology, you can project images or video onto objects of any shape and size.

SALT16-whit-105-minImage via Triple Wide Media

Beacon technology

This event technology involves using small objects, called beacons, around the venue. They connect with smart devices via Bluetooth signals, to check crowd flow, evaluate high traffic areas, and even provide custom messages or promo deals to attendees.

Augmented reality

Offering an immersive experience to attendees is trending right now. Whether you want to jazz up a simple display poster or add graphics to exhibition stands, augmented reality is the way to go.


Drones act as flying cameras, capturing your event footage. You can even stream the footage on any screen in your event, or stream it live on your social media channels to connect with attendees.

Virtual reality

It creates a computer-generated environment that can be viewed using virtual reality headsets. You can create custom 3D content for your event and give audiences the chance to enjoy an immersive experience.

26666393696_48c102e12f_b-minImage via London Design Collective

Facial recognition

This biometric software identifies attributes from people’s facial features. You can use it for registration to reduce queue lines. It is also useful for creating custom experiences at booths and kiosks, where the software recognizes approaching people.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

Mostly used as an alternative to tickets, RFID wristbands, cards, vehicle passes and laminates are rapidly gaining popularity. These contain microchips for identification and tracking, and they can help speed up entry.


They are computer programs which converse with event attendees. You can deploy chatbots to answer participants’ questions in real time. Using a chatbot instead of a multiple-choice survey is also an excellent option for collecting feedback.

Event apps

There are a lot of mobile event apps available, such as EventBoard, Webmobi, 10Times and more. These help in tasks like communicating with attendees, managing visitor lists, and sharing events with clients and business associates.

eventappImage via Audience Alive

Event automation

This software helps automate several event processes like registration, evaluation, promotion and survey. Some of the popular event automation platforms include GEVME, Silverpop, Act-On, HubSpot and Oracle Eloqua.

How many of these have you used in your events? Have we missed any event technology that you think should have made it to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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