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Published August 23, 2018

Holograms are among the top new emerging technologies in the event industry. They can be interactive, engaging, and downright amazing if you implement them in the right manner. Holograms create an instant wow factor in any show, and they can make your exhibition, conference, trade show or product launch unforgettable. If you haven’t tried using holographic technology for your event yet, then read on.

What are holograms?

Holograms are essentially three-dimensional images, which we structure using laser lights to feature real-life depth. There are several types of holograms. Transmission holograms let light shine through them and allow viewers to see the image to be viewed from the side. Rainbow holograms are used on driver’s licenses and credit cards for security.

After making an appearance in sci-fi movies like “Star Wars” and “Iron Man,” this photographic technique is slowly gaining popularity in the events industry. This is due to its impactfulness and ability to grab audience’s attention in an instant.

How can you use holograms at events?

You can use holograms in multiple ways to engage your attendees. Take a look at some of the examples showing holographic technology in events.

At a rodeo festival in Las Vegas, an interactive hologram depicting the rodeo champion, Trevor Brazile, greeted guests in the venue lobby. The real Trevor was participating in the finals, while his hologram entertained the event attendees in style.

At a Guangzhou lighting trade show, a 3D hologram showcased a night view of the city skyscrapers. Technology brand Philips designed this hologram to demonstrate the power of its lights, which were used to create the display.

At an exhibition in the Historical Museum of Serbia, a hologram of physicist Mihajlo Pupin welcomed people attending the event. A large book was displayed at the entrance, which when opened would reveal a hologram of Mihajlo welcoming visitors.

Are holograms ideal for engaging guests?

There are many different ways to incorporate interactive technology at events, and holograms are one of them. If you have the budget to use this technology at your next exhibition, trade show or conference, we suggest you go ahead and implement it to entertain guests. Big brands have already begun using them, now it’s your turn to jump on the bandwagon and try it out!

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