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Published July 3, 2018

With the coining of the term “digitally native” in 2001, the industrial market was spurred to make significant changes in their marketing strategies. It is undoubtedly understood that the new generation, the one which is growing up using internet, tablets and computer devices, will require faster and better understanding of ideas. Today, in 2018, the ample use of digital technology is an enormous reality. As business owners and marketing leaders gain ample success with digital marketing in the current span, it becomes quite evident that the scopes of digital technology has transcended sectors and industries. Therefore, though not exclusively, but digital technology primarily drives the marketplace and the future of sales for any sector.


A quick assessment has proved that about 81% users research products online before purchasing them. Such data confirm the fact that it is time for all sectors to adopt the new changes brought by technology. Though a lot can be discussed about the technological advancements in today’s world, I would limit my discussions majorly to pharmaceuticals and healthcare space. According to a recent survey, 51% of world’s Health Care Providers fall in the realm of digitally native population. As understood, the entities involved in this sector expect more digital connections than was ever thought even a decade ago.

Let us look at the following result of survey:


The survey clearly indicates the involvement of patients of the healthcare sector with digital technology. With such demand from the reception level in this sector, the question here arises as to how the sales leaders expect to harness this digital explosion for the growth of healthcare sector. How are the evolving challenges in the pharmaceutical field being met? What is the future of pharmaceutical sales?

It might not be very wrong to state that Pharmaceutical Industry has always lain back when it came to pre-emptive marketing. In the absence of a proactive participation in the digital advancements in the recent years, the industry has suffered a disconnection between the digitally native population and the industry. The current trajectory of digitally native population preferences and the slow adaptation of the pharmaceutical industry to the preferences of digitally active generation have intensified the disconnection. It is time to realize that this disconnect is only going to get wider as technology advances unless a conscious effort is made to control the situation.

With the digital inception in the field, it is observed that the pharmaceutical industry is no longer hailed for incremental innovation, marketing the same product under various brands and providing free pills. The requirement of the span is to demonstrate the value that their brand adds to patients. Pharmaceutical companies will need to offer that package of health services which the patients will not only want but relate with. The CEO, Paul Hartigan, of PharmiWeb Solutions sums up the idea, “As more and more patients turn to digital resources for answers, the pharma industry will need to adapt. Developing a strategy sooner rather than later can prevent complications between pharma professionals and customers in future.”


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