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Published July 4, 2018

When you have a new product to showcase to the world, a launch event makes perfect sense. It gives you a great platform to create a buzz around your product, showcase it to the target audience, and even promote initial sales. The more successful your product launch event is, the better it is for your brand-new offering. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out.

Step 1: Pick the perfect venue

A great venue can help set the right tone for your event. Pick one that makes sense for your item; for example, if you are launching a new smartphone or gadget, find out which venues have previously been picked for tech shows.

The venue should cater to your guests, but at the same time, it should reflect your brand voice too. Remember, the location and venue will speak volumes about your company so choose wisely.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8-launch-Malaysia-1068x649Image via IoT Gadgets

Step 2: Center it on a great theme

A theme can make or break an event. Pick a suitable concept based on your product. For example, for the new smartphone launch idea, you can consider hosting a tech-themed event with an app making workshop or similar activity.

Such a theme will indirectly promote your product and show attendees how it can benefit them in some way. If you can’t find an idea that exactly matches your product, opt for one that is related to your industry.

Step 3: Get a strategy in place

Once you have the venue and theme sorted out, the next step is to build the plan for showcasing your product. A few months before the launch, start sharing teaser videos and pictures on social media to capture your audience’s curiosity. Create an event hashtag and use it to share content related to the product on various channels.

For the product reveal event, all displays, presentations and branding materials all need to be on point to send the right message to the attendees. Get all your samples, videos, brochures and other sales strategies ready to share with guests and educate them about your product. You also need to train and groom your staff well in advance so that they can answer any question that an event participant may have.

Step 4: Don’t forget to entertain

Your primary goal is to spread awareness about your new product. However, the product launch event must also be fun and engaging; hence you need to plan interactive activities for your guests based on their age group, professional background, and other factors.

Take a look at the example below. Maruti Suzuki introduced its new car ‘Ignis’ for test drives with a twist. In this interactive game, two Ignis cars were used as strikers in an air hockey game.

Even a simple activity like asking people to take pictures at your photo booth and share them on their social media channels with your hashtag is a great idea. You can turn it into an exciting contest with prizes for those who received maximum likes or shares.

Watch brand Q&Q had an activity like this, where it asked guests to click pictures and post them on social media with the event hashtag. The incentive for sharing the photo was a free watch!

20140424_hlgrp_qandq_000126Image via BizBash

The four steps listed above will help you plan your product launch event efficiently. However, if you can’t find the time to focus on every last detail and think you need professional help, feel free to Contact Us!

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