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Published July 6, 2018

Who doesn’t love a good story? Stories can impact people profoundly, by establishing an emotional connect. When you tell people about your brand through a visually compelling story, they understand you better and trust you more. The visual aspect helps with engagement, while the storytelling feature builds empathy. That’s why brand storytelling through films is an effective means of marketing and communication. Your brand films can capture the attention of your target audience and even convert them into customers.

So, what is the right way to go about it? We’re passionate about making brand films; so we’re going to guide you on how to make great films conveying your story.

The first step is to craft the story you want to tell. You can opt for different types of stories to centre your films on. Some of them are:

About us films to showcase the history and progress of your brand,

Television or online advertorials that offer an inspirational take on your product,

Videos based on reviews, testimonials, interviews that add credibility to your brand,

Behind the scenes which shows your audience the hard work behind the curtain,

How-to videos, tutorials and explainer videos to teach or train your viewers on a product or service you provide,

And so on. You can decide which one works for you or even opt for a combination of these styles to come up with a unique format.

Once you’ve decided on the format, the next step is to brainstorm. When you are writing down ideas for your story, ask yourself the following questions:

Can my audience relate to what I’m saying?

Am I solving a problem that they have?

Is my concept different from competitors’?

Does the concept have an emotional angle to it?

If you answered yes to all the above questions, you have a good idea for the script to share.

When you’ve brainstormed ideas and come up with a winning concept, you have to create the structure of your brand films. A simple yet effective contextual storytelling structure works on the following ideas:

Delineate the context,

Build into the user’s problem,

Show how your product or service makes their life better

You can apply this structure creatively to your script to build memorable films.

Remember, the key is to show your story creatively and use sound and visuals in harmony with words effectively to achieve your goal. Your ultimate aim should be engaging viewers until the end and make a great impression by bringing out their emotional side.

So, this was how you could go about telling your story meaningfully through brand films. If you are still not sure how to make a great video, or you want professional films and jingles for your brand, feel free to Contact Us!!

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