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Published June 13, 2018

Sharing company news about a recent development, partnership, rebranding, or product launch can be impactful when you do it with the help of a press release. Even though social media channels are now commonly used to connect with the desired audience, a good press release still helps you establish an equally meaningful connection. However, it must contain newsworthy content to ensure you achieve the desired results.

So, you’ve got your important announcement in mind? Let’s look at how to write a fantastic press release step by step.

Step 1: Create a compelling headline

Your headline should be clear and unambiguous. Use simple language and action verbs to attract attention. The most important aspect is keeping it interesting. When editors and journalists sift through all the releases they get, yours should stand out.

Step 2: Use the inverted pyramid format

It’s best to avoid fluff in your press release; get straight to the point in your first paragraph. Reporters or readers want to know exactly what the news is before they decide whether they want to read your entire story. You grabbed their attention with a killer headline, now’s the time to deliver what you promised.

Step 3: Add value to your content

In the next few paragraphs, include all the essential background information that adds value to your press release. Adding a quote or two from a key stakeholder is also a great idea. It provides some context for the reader and also highlights the importance of your announcement.

Step 4: Conclude with closing remarks

The last paragraph should provide a logical conclusion to your piece. If there are any next steps for the reader, such as details of an upcoming event or availability of the newly launched product, include them here.

Step 5: Add the boilerplate copy

The boilerplate contains your company name, size, mission statement, founding dates, etc. This copy should include just a couple of sentences and concisely explain what your company does. You can use the same boilerplate in all your press releases.

Now that you know the elements making up a good press release, go ahead and create one with confidence! We’ve added some more helpful tips below to help you along the way.

Additional tips:

  • Keep the body of the press release short and the paragraphs concise. Ideally, your entire piece should be between 300 to 400 words long.
  • You can add a summary paragraph, or a couple of summary bullet points, just after your headline, covering the most vital aspects of your news.
  • Attribute your quotes correctly. It is essential to let the reader know who said what and why.
  • Don’t forget to add your company details along with the PR or marketing executive’s contact information on the top left corner.

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