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Published June 14, 2018

Advertising can be a tricky business. In the effort to drive more sales and also stay ahead of the competition, you may have invested in print, TV, digital or radio. Of course, all these channels make sense for connecting with consumers when they are at home or in the office. But what about those times when they are outside?

OOH advertising (out of home advertising) makes an impression on people through billboards, store signage, and transit ads. It can be a very useful method of reaching out to potential customers and promoting your products or services when they are on the road.

If you haven’t tried it yet, then you are probably wondering why should give it a shot now. Here are 10 great reasons that will convince you.

  1. Outdoor ads can be viewed all day, every day. You don’t have to figure about when to showcase an advertisement, since people will be able to see it when they hit the road, take the bus, or walk to work.
  1. In comparison to print ads featured among competitors or cluttered editorials, people won’t overlook your outdoor ads.

Look at the outdoor ad below by Delta Airlines and dating app Tinder. The main campaign idea was “World travellers are more likely to be swiped right.” Hence, Delta Dating Wall–a display of nine scenes from famous travel destinations–was created in Brooklyn, to help singles update their profile pictures.


Image via AdWeek

  1. By displaying these ads in a specific location or city, you can effortlessly target the right audience.

Check out the Wisconsin waterpark billboard below, which shows the current temperature in the city. It urges viewers to visit the park before it can get too cold.

wisconsin-waterpark-uses-digital-billboards-to-highlight-current-temperature-and-promote-the-message-that-you-better-get-to-the-park-soon-before-it-gets-too-coldImage via Clear Channel Outdoor

  1. People can ignore TV ads by changing the channel and skip or block YouTube ads. However, when your target audience is on the road, your outdoor advertisements will be in the direct line of their vision.
  1. When placed near or in retail areas, they can target consumers in a purchasing mindset.

Think of a mall ad featuring a huge promotional discount on a leading apparel brand. It can impact shoppers who are out to buy something else and lead to impulse buying. It may also influence people who just came to watch a movie at the multiplex inside a mall!

744a867cc0bf1221abf0a9093e7ddd2a Image via Fullstart

  1. According to research, an individual must see an ad 20 times before acting on it. Outdoor ads perfectly serve this purpose of repetition. For example, when people travel to work, they end up seeing the same billboards daily on the way.
  1. Outdoor ads are larger than life.

Look at the billboard below for example. It’s large and hence hard to miss. It can quickly grab a viewer’s attention.

oldtimerreststopImage via Adsarchive

  1. OOH advertising complements your efforts in TV, radio and print, reinforcing your marketing message to the consumers. By getting them to view your adverts in different forms, you create better brand awareness and recall.
  1. If enhanced with digital technology or interactive elements, they can leave a positive image of your brand. According to research by Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 71% people felt more positive about a brand with interactive OOH.

The below video shows an interactive outdoor ad Burt’s Bees created for Intense Hydration face care product. This before and after demo billboard was designed with thousands of coupons.


  1. These ads give your brand profile a boost. Using large, lighted outdoor ads creates a sense of prestige about your brand in the minds of the viewers.

OOH advertising can be beneficial and show excellent results when used correctly. So, the next time you’re setting up an advertising campaign, consider outdoor ads to promote your goods and boost your brand image.

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