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Published July 18, 2018

Creating awareness about your product or service among potential customers can be fairly straightforward, when you use the right medium to share your message. Traditional advertising, including newspaper, TV, radio and outdoor ads, is now making way for digital advertising. With cell phones becoming a necessity to our day-to-day life, marketers have been making mobile ads an important part of their campaigns over the past decade.

If you are looking for ways to enhance your marketing efforts, you should definitely include mobile advertising in your campaign. Its benefits are manifold; we’ve compiled the following list of the top five for your reference.

  1. Growing audience

Who doesn’t own a mobile phone today? In 2016, about 62.9 percent of the world population already had one, and the number of mobile phone users is estimated to cross five billion by 2019. Since more and more people are using these devices, your audience is constantly growing and your ads have a wider reach.

  1. Greater visibility & accessibility

People carry their phones with them all the time, everywhere! They always have their phones on them, unlike other devices like desktops or laptops. As a marketer, you don’t have to worry about the right time to connect with the target audience, as mobile ads have superior visibility and accessibility throughout the day.

  1. Cost effectiveness

Mobile ads are relatively less expensive compared to traditional advertising media like TV, radio and print. The price factor makes this form of advertising a smart way to market your products. You can invest in multiple or repeated mobile ads in place of one TV or radio ad, to better reach your desired customers.

  1. Deterministic matching

Every cell phone has a unique ID, which can be linked to the user’s consumer habits. Marketers can use this metric to connect data points and deterministically connect your present audience data to fresh mobile metrics. It helps improves the targeting ability, accuracy and relevancy of future campaigns.

  1. Multiple creative options

When you opt for mobile advertising, you can choose to target customers via apps, social media or mobile websites. The options for advertisements include banners, pop-ups and in-app ads, to name a few. You can utilize several different components on mobile devices to make the right impression on the audience.

With so many advantages, mobile advertising can take your marketing strategy to the next level. By using this effective medium, you can boost your advertisement impressions, targeting abilities and campaign success. As the number of people owning smartphones rapidly increases every year, be sure to include mobile advertising in your campaign to reap its benefits.

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