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Published June 20, 2018

Every year the graphic design industry evolves and design trends move quickly. Before you know it, new trends emerge and designers have already incorporated them into their work. You don’t want to miss out on any of the exciting graphic design trends from this year, so we’ve put them together for you in this article. Take a look!

  1. Responsive Logos

We all know how beneficial responsive web design is, in this digital age. It is critical for users browsing the web on their mobile devices. To complement this functionality, companies are now altering their logos to scalable versions as well.

responsivelogos_1Image via Joe Harrison

  1. Colour Transitions/Gradients

Colour transitions are making a comeback this year. They were popular in the early 2000s but seemed to be fading out of popularity. Gradients, along with flat design and vectors, are now widely used in various layouts.

gradients-trends-533x400Image via Just Creative

  1. Duotones

The duotone printing technique is lately gaining recognition on digital media. Although duotone images were used for several years, Spotify brought them back to mainstream popularity by using them for their playlists.


  1. Bold Typography

Eye-catching typography is making waves in the design space. Large fonts, uppercase alphabets and bold letters are quite popular. Designers are experimenting with impactful typefaces that are attention-grabbing.

andyImage via Design Shack

  1. Animation & Microinteractions

Designers are moving beyond everyday illustrations towards movement-based elements, such as animations and GIFs. Some are also adding microinteractions, which interact with users and aid users in performing various tasks.

It is turning out to be a great year for graphic designers all over the world. As the design scene gets more intriguing and fun, make sure you explore your creativity and showcase your skills! Start incorporating the above graphic design trends in your work, if you haven’t tried them out already.

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