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Published June 25, 2018

Putting up a good trade show or exhibition stall is no mean feat. There is a lot of hard work, time and money that goes into it and you don’t want it to go unnoticed! It is imperative that your exhibition stall is a raging success and for that, it must stand out from the others at the event! Don’t worry; we’ve done your homework and put together the following tips and tricks. Read on!

Pre-event tips

Participants’ objectives: Understand attendees’ intention behind their participation. Ask yourself questions like who they are, what are they going to learn by coming to your stall, how can you benefit them, etc.

Industry trends: The last thing you want to do is use an outdated idea for the event. Find out the latest trends in the industry and make a list of what you want to incorporate into your stall design or activities. Pick up hints from other recent events, and also look online to keep up with technological advances.

Create a buzz: Build interest before the big day by sharing tweets and posting on your blog or Facebook page. Create a hashtag that you can use for the event. You can also upload videos to YouTube and share them across different digital channels to garner interest.

Stall tips

Location: You need to ensure your stall is in a prime area out of the entire exhibition space. Keep the venue’s entry and exit points in mind while selecting the stall location; these are the spots that will pass by people for sure.

Visual appeal: Your exhibition stall design is the first thing that people will notice. In an event with 100 stalls, you want to make sure yours stands out by being different and exciting. Keep it clutter free, and use attractive headers, vibrant graphics and bright lighting for brand visibility.

Technology: Invest in advanced technology to generate interest around your stall. Touchscreen kiosks, immersive augmented or virtual reality experiences, and projection mapping are some of the trending event tech ideas that you can consider for your booth.

Activities: Rather than talking about your product or service, host activities or games at the exhibition stall to increase footfall. These can act as interactive ways of sharing your product information to the target audience. Arranging exciting activities will help you stay ahead of the competition at the event.

Giveaways: Skip the pens or mugs this time and come up with some fun giveaways. You could have a small contest and hand out flash drives, Rubik’s cubes, or smartphone stands as prizes to a few lucky winners. They are fun and can be branded with your organization’s name and logo too.

Event day tips

Checklist: Create a list of all the supplies you need for your event, such as tape, markers, paper clips, extension cords, labels, glue, first aid kit, etc. Check off all the items before the event begins.

Be there before time: Get to the venue well in advance to avoid parking issues. It will also give you buffer time to go and pick up any supplies you missed carrying to the event.

Trained, well-groomed staff: Making a good impression on the stall visitors is critical. Be sure your team is well-groomed and dressed better than your visitors. They should be trained and educated about the product to answer queries effortlessly.

Befriend your neighbours: Being early also gives you time to get to know the neighbouring stalls. You may need to borrow a spare cable or a couple of paper clips from them. If they are showcasing a non-competing business, they can even refer people to your stall.

We hope these tips help your stall become the highlight of the event. Share your ideas and opinions with us in the comments!

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