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Published August 2, 2018

Have a show coming up? Thinking about what event venue would be appropriate? Overwhelmed with the number of options around you?

Don’t fret; we’re here to help. We know choosing an appropriate venue for your conference, exhibition, trade show, product launch, or any other event, is crucial to its success. That’s why we have created the following checklist to simplify the process for you. Check it out!

Location: This is the first thing you need to focus on while picking the event venue. The ideal spot is one that is closest to where most of your attendees live. If they are traveling from out of the city or state, make sure your venue is located close to the nearest airport, railway station, highway, etc.

Capacity and Layout: The venue should be able to accommodate the number of attendees you expect. You also need to figure out whether it has enough space for people to sit, stand, move around, and take part in the activities you plan on conducting. The area should be designed smartly to avoid congestion or bottlenecks.

Pricing: Once you know the location and capacity you need, you can then source venues that meet these requirements and narrow them down by price. If you have more than one date option, you may get discount for open dates that the venue wants to fill.

Reputation: The venue reputation is critical to ensure your event goes smoothly. Look for pictures of their past activities, speak to the staff, and read reviews online on different websites and forums.

Amenities and Services: You need to ensure that the venue provides all the facilities to make your event a success. Does it offer sufficient parking space? Does it make provisions for catering, décor and lighting, set up crew, and similar services? If not, you may have to contact vendors separately for these activities.

Once you’ve ticked off all the above on your checklist, you’ll arrive at a smart decision. To make the hunt easier, we’ve put together some additional tips to help you. Take a look!

Venue selection tips:

  • Be sure to start your event venue hunt 4-5 months in advance so that you have enough time for research.
  • If you have an event theme in mind, look for places featuring right architecture and ambience that will work for your ideas.
  • Visit event listing websites like Events High or Townscript to find out where shows and conferences like yours are hosted.
  • Check shortlisted venues’ cancellation and refund policies.
  • If you intend to add alcohol to the menu, make sure the event venue has a valid and up-to-date liquor license.

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