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Published July 20, 2018

“Content is king!” You may hear this phrase when someone talks about digital marketing or online content in general. Earlier, great content was one of the tactics marketers used to stay ahead of the competition. Today, it has become more of a necessity when it comes to creating and maintaining a robust online presence.

Let’s take a look at some of the major types of digital content and their purpose.

Website content

This involves all the information present on your website in the form of text, images, videos and gifs. Website content helps visitors understand what your site is all about, and it educates them on the products or services your brand offers. When optimized with the right keywords, it can also drive traffic to your site.

Blog posts

These can be published on a blog section on your website, or submitted on guest blogging sites. This type of content also serves the dual purpose of educating potential customers about your products or services and driving traffic to your website. Guest blogging can help you get backlinks, while blogs on your site can help with search engine ranking. Blog posts can be long or short and may include infographics, images and videos.

Product/category page descriptions

These are essential for e-commerce websites. Product descriptions give customers all the data they need to make an informed buying decision while category page descriptions help them get an overview of all the available products from a particular category. They may feature images, videos and PDFs for the customer’s benefit. They also help search engines identify and display your offerings on a search engine results page.

Social media copy

This includes all the text and images/videos/gifs/stickers posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. It is mostly short and concise, and can help connect you directly to your existing or potential customers. The benefit of adding social media copy to your digital marketing strategy is that you can reach out to the target audience quickly and easily.

Whitepapers & eBooks

These involve a more in-depth form of content writing to boost your inbound marketing efforts. They are written in a more formal style as compared to blog posts, and they are longer too. When you want to offer a more comprehensive explanation or share more profound insights on a particular topic, whitepapers and eBooks are the right choices to make an impact on readers.

All the above forms of digital content play a significant role in the overall goal of a) improving site ranking and traffic and b) gently nudging customers towards making a purchase. Creating an effective content strategy and optimizing all forms of content that you are going to publish online will definitely help you achieve these two goals.

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