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Published June 27, 2018
What is a company boilerplate?

It is a summary of a company, added at the end of a press release. It contains a gist about the organization, including its mission statement/short or long-term goals, and some of its significant accomplishments.

This short yet important section gives readers an overview of your business so they can understand the context of your news better. You add it to all your press releases, tweaking it only when you want to update a new detail or fact about your company.

Who sees your boilerplate?

Journalists are the first people to see it. They go through hundreds of press releases daily, so when they read your boilerplate consistently across multiple pieces, they can remember your company better.

Since your boilerplate copy is standardized, you use it at the bottom of all your news releases. So, if an individual or business reading your press release wants to know what your company does, the boilerplate is what they will go through.

How should you write good boilerplate text?

It must be crisp and concise yet effective in sharing critical business facts and data. Here are some tips to help you write a perfect boilerplate.

  • The text should describe your company briefly and factually. Don’t go over 100 words.
  • Mention your products/services and who your customers are. If your products have won awards or received public recognition, include this information in your boilerplate.
  • Skip tall claims and unnecessary exaggeration. Readers can see through such puffery, which is counterproductive.
  • Avoid jargon that all readers may not be familiar with.
  • Since many press releases are posted online, it is essential to use the relevant product or service-related keywords in your copy for search engine optimisation.
  • Add a link to your website at the end. It helps interested people quickly source more information about your business.
Examples of great boilerplates:

Want to know what an excellent boilerplate looks like? Check out the examples below:

 Apple Inc. Capture

Walt Disney

Capture 2

These examples highlight the companies’ accomplishments and mention their key business areas without using superlative or industry-specific jargon. They also include indicators of the organization’s current status, via its employee strength or annual revenue.

Press release boilerplates don’t have to be hard. Just follow our tips to create a fantastic one for your next news release.

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