Your brand is your identity. It is a unique fingerprint of your company; the one inimitable thing that sets you apart—for better or worse—from everyone else. Your brand is not something that is crafted and then can continue to exist & thrive in perpetuity.

Exicon Group has its own Brand Activation arm that focusses on subtle marketing techniques to ‘activate’ your brand. We use various brand promotion channels to achieve the objective of customer engagement with your products or services.

We help you bring your brand to life through clutter breaking displays, bespoke kiosks and booths, eye-catching signage posts, and immersive experiences. . Through engaging events, experiential marketing and use of advanced technology, we help your customers develop a better bond with your brand by giving them a better touch & feel of your products!


Creating Brand Experiences – In Store Activations

As the name suggests, in-store activations take place inside retail stores. We build brand awareness using best-in-class flyers and leaflets, along with state-of-the-art displays in stores and shopping complexes to interest consumers and demonstrate your brand’s or product’s unique selling points.

Another effective strategy for brand activation in retail areas is promotion in malls and cineplexes. By creating clutter-breaking displays in malls, we help build awareness for your brand and attract consumers. We can set up unique displays according to the preferred consumer demographic.

Along with displays, we can also develop fun activities and games using the latest technology for customer engagement/interaction. All these elements of mall activation stay within your brand guidelines and convey your key message to the desired audience.


Promoting Your Best Products Via Point of Sale Displays

Point-of-sale marketing strategies prove to be very effective in driving conversions. Being a single point of contact right from design to printing, we are the best agency for your POS needs.

From simple displays to interactive digital fixtures, we can design and develop the perfect POS display that meets your sales or branding goals. Trusted by major brands across the country, Exicon works on innovative point-of-purchase solutions that help you achieve incredible results.

Our brand activation setups have a premium look and feel, which carry your brand essence on a pedestal across various promotional activities. Our POS displays can be scalable, portable and versatile, depending on your brief.


Attracting the Attention of Your TG Through Experiential Marketing

A new way of promoting your brand using an immersive experience is experiential marketing (also termed engagement marketing). It involves engaging the audience in an actual experience, as the name suggests, wherein the consumer can touch, feel and/or use the product.

We help bring a hands-on tactic to brand activation with experiential marketing for high levels of consumer engagement. The unique approach of taking a brand experience to trade shows, exhibitions, society promotions, stores, and other public arenas is compelling.

Although it may be challenging, we know how to design the right strategy and execute it efficiently to deliver optimum results. We come up with ideas for exclusive experiential marketing activities, design and implement the events, and also take care of the relevant fabrication.

With a strong foothold in branding solutions, Exicon Group is an award-winning, independent, creative agency that specialises in designing memorable experiences. We house a skilled team comprising creative designers and project managers, who focus on seamless execution and timely delivery for activation and BTL marketing. We club cutting edge technology and the latest trends to devise one-of-a-kind experiences. We also offer in-house printing services to support our activation efforts.

Whether you need a business to business or business to consumer plan for brand activation, we can develop the perfect program for you. We get the consumers to your product or take your product to consumers. Either way, we target the right group for your brand.

Together, we can make the impossible possible. Get in touch to plan your marketing strategy today!

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