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Branding & Design

Do you have ideas but are struggling to put them down on paper?

Perhaps you have the content but are having troubles communicating your vision. Brands are visual personalities. They think, speak and have names the same way people do. And that’s how we treat them.

Like real people. We interact with them on an emotional and intellectual level. We feed them brand strategies. We define their brand value by the difference they will make in the world. We dress them up so they go out and set new trends. Our brands are an evolution of our thought process that guides us from the moment we begin sketching – up until we reach the point of execution.

Positioning a brand in a highly competitive consumer market needs something special. We treat each brand as a blank canvas and bring it to life through our innovative ideas, concepts, design and communication. Our goal is to create a unique and memorable identity for your brand by designing logos, packaging, print ads, posters, brochures, catalogues, interactive cards, gimmicks and much more.

Films & Jingles

A story has a great power to connect because we all love stories. They become even more powerful when told visually. We make your brands come alive by telling compelling visual stories. We make all sorts of films like live action, 2D/3D animation, chroma shoots, motivational films, brand films etc.

We also leverage the great power of an original song or a jingle to engage and enthral your customers. So, we create them with great verve and finesse.

Brand Activation

Your brand is your identity. It is a unique fingerprint of your company; the one inimitable thing that sets you apart — for better or worse — from everyone else.

Your brand is not something that is crafted and then can continue to exist & thrive in perpetuity.

We help you bring your brand to life through clutter breaking displays, eye-catching signage posts, in-store activations that stand out, and much more. Through experiential marketing, and use of immersive technologies, we help your customers develop a better bond with your brand by giving them a better touch & feel of your products!


From creating websites & Mobile apps, to Ipad/Tab content and engaging gaming platforms, we cater to all your needs to bring your brand to life! We believe, that through our offering of immersive storytelling via the use of virtual & augmented reality, holographics, face & gesture recognition, photo-booths, we can help you redefine customers’ engagement with your brand.

Additionally, we can develop information tools in the form of e-detailers, video books, digital & non-digital posters to enthuse information into your audience via interesting & engaging formats. At Exicon, we believe the impact of technology on a brand’s recall can be transformative.

Digital Marketing

In an increasingly digitized world, it is imperative for companies to have a strong online presence. We help you increase your reach, and build awareness in the minds of your consumers.

Our online marketing services comprise of SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, E-mail marketing, campaign management, and social media marketing.

Medical Services

The understanding of the pharmaceuticals, medicines, therapies, and complex process & systems makes us one of the leading agencies in delivering superlative medical information tools & formats for comprehensive learning & understanding for both internal & external audiences across the globe.

We help you deliver such complex medical information to your audience in the most easy-to-understand format possible. We can build superior Advisory Board Panel projects wherein the best of molecules/medical philosophy can be explained to the audience which in return can be prescribed through the best of practicing physicians & experts across the globe.

We have medical writing expertise in creating important medical documents which are handy tools for any practicing doctor. We also deal in capturing product related information and delivering it to the stakeholders and customers as per standardized SOPs and global guidelines.

We have created customized Employees-training modules, in digital and print format, and accessories for the training needs of our clients.

Public Relations

We strive to be your strategic partner, assisting you in successfully talking to and engaging with their audiences.

When it comes to PR, we bank on our strong network of newspapers, Radio Channels & News Channels, to ensure your brand gets the media exposure it commands, and the reach & awareness it deserves.

Market Research

Every project that we work on, begins with an insight. We cohesively work with you to understand your brand’s positioning, analyze your current requirements and challenges. Only then do we draw insights – keeping the people who matter most to you at the centre – your consumers.

Beginning with a brand exploration, to developing propositions, and validating them, we are equipped in ensuring you achieve your objectives on a cost-competitive plan with our Quantitative & qualitative research capabilities.

Events & Exhibitions

We strive to deliver world-class events in line with globally followed standards and ethical practices. Servicing a niche for over a decade, we have developed expertise in managing Academic Congress/Conventions, Exhibitions; Educational activities like CME, Symposia, Workshops; Annual Meets, Round Table Meets, Advisory Board Meets, Team Building Meets, Focus Group Discussions, Conference Participation, Product Launches, Incentives, Corporate Training, Exhibition Stalls.

We work on event concepts, sourcing venues, travel logistics, visitor management, stage/light/sound/video set-up, live performances/entertainment, post-event engagement, etc. We can satisfy any customer request, like impactfully launching a product or planning an awards ceremony. Our extensive array of entertainment options and elegant decor ideas will leave your guests spellbound!

What makes us different is that the events/meetings/conferences we execute are made attractive by the use of innovative and new age technologies. All of this newness is coupled with breakthrough turnaround time.

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