At Exicon Group, we know how to create the perfect intersection between pharmaceuticals, physicians and patients. The understanding of the pharmaceuticals, medicines, therapies, and complex processes/systems makes us one of the leading healthcare communication agencies in India. With a team of doctors, pharmacists, marketers, graphic designers, video production personnel and medical writers, we specialise in delivering superlative medical information tools and formats. Our medical services are ideal for comprehensive learning and understanding by both internal and external audiences across the globe.

Exicon Group - Medical Communications Agency

Powered by the knowledge of core medical sciences, we help you deliver complex medical information to your audience in the most easy-to-understand format possible. Being a creative agency, we combine effective branding strategies with thought-provoking ideas to help your brand find its way into the minds of doctors and patients alike.

We can build superior Advisory Board Panel projects wherein the best of molecules/medical philosophy can be explained to the audience which in return can be prescribed through the best of practicing physicians and experts across the globe. They help you introduce new molecules/therapies to your audience, as well as help develop consensus guidelines.

We also organize conferences, symposiums and other medical events all over the country. Our team shares live events with doctors in other locations via webcasts.


Medical Writing Services

Taking your new medicine or device to the market? Do you need to educate patients or doctors about your brand or products?

Exicon Group creates authentic medical content in an easy-to-understand format. Whether its annotations or regular references, Exicon has the expertise for all your medical writing needs. Our team of doctors and medical writers come with extensive experience, as well as scientific knowledge, which is crucial in conveying the right message. We can create all sorts of health and fitness articles for your TG.

We have medical writing expertise in creating important medical documents which are handy tools for any practicing doctor. We also deal in capturing product related information and delivering it to the stakeholders and customers as per standardized SOPs and global guidelines. We have created customized employees-training modules, in digital and print format, and accessories for the training needs of our clients.

Our medical writing offerings include –

  • Scientific / Product LBLs
  • Product Monographs
  • Visual Aids
  • Case Studies
  • Scientific Newsletters
  • Product Brochures
  • Yearbooks/ Compendiums
  • CME Modules
  • Internal Training Modules
  • Scientific Slide Decks
  • Patient Education Collateral

Physician Certification & Accreditation

To help physicians and health professionals enhance their existing skills, knowledge and experience, we deliver credible certifications and related educational activities. Our tie-ups with leading international institutes and medical associations facilitate the delivery of different courses and trainings for clinical medicine.

Our technology expertise combined with our rich experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industry gives us an edge over others. We provide an array of trainings and tools to doctors and healthcare professionals across Europe and the United States.

At Exicon, our goal is to become the top healthcare communications company and healthcare advertising agencies across the globe, by creating long-lasting connections built on science, creativity and innovation. Let’s get together to make a difference in the world of medicine!

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