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Exicon Group strive to be your strategic partner, assisting you in successfully talking to your audiences and engaging with them. When it comes to PR, we bank on our strong network of newspapers, radio channels, TV channels and digital media, to ensure your brand gets the media exposure it commands, and the reach & awareness it deserves. We are one of the top PR agencies in Delhi, Mumbai and all over India.

Public relations can be a powerful way for any brand to build their image in the media. A single event can transform an unknown brand into one of the best-known ones in the country!

Our PR services include:

These activities give brands an opportunity to showcase their latest company news and important updates to stakeholders as well as the general public. If you want to boost your branding efforts on different PR platforms, Exicon is the one-stop shop for you!

Exicon Group - Best PR Agency in India

Maintaining your brand image is our responsibly. At Exicon, we understand how important it is for your company to gain exposure among the target audience. We help you get there using news pieces as well as topics of general interest. Our skilled PR team adds credibility to your image, helps track ROI, and transforms readers/viewers into customers.

Along with traditional PR services, we also offer online PR services to build conversations, speak to the audience directly, and optimise the brand image. Being a 360-degree PR agency, we help pave the way to your customers in a myriad of ways.

PR Services with Focused Approach & Seamless Execution

We work with clients to deliver the following services:

Corporate Identity

Your visual identity is your image. We conceive and create a consistent corporate identity that helps you enjoy the accurate perception of your product or brand. We work on organizational identity structures, audits, design process and implementation.

Media Relations

We recognise important news and create press releases and other feature material. We then identify the right medium and platform to connect with the desired audience. By spotting the right opportunities for media coverage, we facilitate seamless local and national media relations.

Reputation Management

Media relations need to be followed by effective reputation management to prevent any damaging impact on your brand image. This protects your product/brand from potential negative media and helps boost sales.

Corporate Communications

Along with press releases and feature material, we also manage all internal and external communications for you. You can outsource your corporate communications to us if you want us to handle all your official messages and statements.

Investor Relations

Under this segment, we work on integrating various compliances to help smooth the communication between your company and the investors. We specialize in effective contact with marker intermediaries and influencers to further heighten your firm’s image.

Crisis Management & Public Affairs

In the case of an unwanted situation or crisis, we step in with the right advice and handle media issues to prevent brand image damage. We know how to work on correctly influencing public opinion.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We plan and help execute CSR activities to have a positive impact on your company employees as well as stakeholders, communities, etc.

Skilled & Proactive Public Relations Agency

Considered to be one of the best PR agencies in Mumbai and all major cities in the country, Exicon Group has a countrywide reach. We have access to the media in all key cities in the nation, so we’re the most flexible and versatile PR agency choice for your brand. We know how to work with the latest digital trends to ensure your online reputation is also intact. Being a creative marketing agency at heart, we know how to portray the best brand image for your firm – to both the media and the potential customers.

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