From websites & mobile apps to Ipad/Tab content and engaging gaming platforms, we cater to all your needs to bring your brand to life! We believe, that through our offering of immersive storytelling via the use of virtual & augmented reality, holographics, face & gesture recognition, photo-booths and more—we can help you redefine customers’ engagement with your brand.

Additionally, we can develop information tools in the form of e-detailers, video books, digital & non-digital posters to enthuse information into your audience via interesting & engaging formats. At Exicon Group, we believe the impact of technology on a brand’s recall can be transformative.


Digital Technology Services: Engaging Your Target Audience Online

Website Development

With an in-house digital marketing team, we have the capabilities of developing fantastic websites for your brand. We concentrate on incorporating the latest trends to create fresh, inspiring sites. Our web development competencies include:

Static/Dynamic Website Design

Responsive Website Design

E-Commerce Website Design

Content Management Systems

UX Design

PHP Web Development

Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla Websites

Microsite Development

Web & Mobile Applications

Android/iOS App Design

App Development

Our customer-focussed approach allows for intuitive, engaging app development. Our work helps you connect with customers in minimum time, with maximum impact. Our app development competencies include:

Web Apps
Android Apps
iOS Apps


Event Technology Services: Concept-Based Tech Services for Participants

Marrying customer-centred thinking with advanced technology is what we specialise in. Our vast experience in event management production coupled with our tech proficiency makes us the best choice for all your event technology needs.

Take a look at what we can do to make your event a raging success:

Touch-Based Technology

  • Survey: Questionnaires for your customers, along with analytics
  • Game: Concept-based games
  • Quiz: MCQ style quizzes with analytics, which we can also convert into games
  • Flip Book: Touch-enabled flip book for your kiosk
  • Flash PPT: Multiple slides that contain interactive elements
  • Coffee Table PPT: PDF containing images and video, with a flowing touch feel
  • Interactive Touch App: Video or PDF-based interactive app with several layers of content
  • Swipe to Share: Apps for attendees to write testimonials/reviews, which can be shared on a screen

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

  • Virtual Reality: Innovative VR experiences with company branding
  • Augmented Reality: Video output on a printed stall wall
  • Rotoscope Wall: AR-based activity with sliding screen and RFID-based triggers
  • AR PPT: Live presentation format with 2D/3D output and BG removal

Sensor-Based Technology

  • Trigger Zone: Fun, sensor-based activity with pick-to-play option that triggers different output
  • Projection Wall/Table/Floor: Touchscreen wall created through a projector and proximity sensor
  • Chrono Touch: Sensor-based activity on a print wall which triggers video output on a centrally connected screen
  • Leap Sensor Activity: Games created using palm movements through LEAP device
  • Kinect Gesture Activity: Activity created using Kinect device which maps body movements

Holographic Technology

  • Holobox: Boxes with interactive holograms that look ultra-realistic
  • Holofan: Fans with hologram projections
  • On-Stage Hologram: Life-size holograms on stage with high-intensity projectors
  • Transparent Screens: Hypebox, ideal for product demo events


  • Regular Photo: Setup with a photographer, laptop and printer
  • Croma: Background removal with either live or photoshop option
  • AR Booth: AR-based photobooth with your brand logo or product pop-up in the photo
  • 360 Degree Booth: Multiple camera-based setup with 360 photo output in a GIF format
  • Boomerang GIF Booth: Boomerang style video or GIF output photobooth


  • Sling Shot: Mobile to big screen activity with personal message and photo
  • Invisible TV: Poloraid technology-based activity, where the TV content is only viewable via polaroid glasses
  • Tap to Trigger: Launchpad style button to trigger content on a big screen
  • Magic Show: Mix of video graphic and physical magic to create a product story
  • 3D Mapping: Video and graphics mapping on a 3D object like building wall, car, bike, product dummy, etc.
  • Cycle /Running: Activity racing or fitness-based activity where a screen and cycle are connected with branding space in the gamified software
  • Wi-Fi Box: Content sharing platform without internet for doctors coming on the booth

Want to be a frontrunner in the world of technology? We can take you there! Get in touch to explore the possibilities today.

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