Every project that Exicon Group work on begins with an insight. We cohesively work with you to understand your brand’s positioning, and analyze your current requirements and challenges. Only then do we draw insights – keeping the people who matter most to you at the centre – your consumers.

Beginning with brand exploration, to developing propositions, and validating them, we ensure you achieve your objectives on a cost-competitive plan with our quantitative & qualitative research capabilities.

Exicon Group – Market Research Company in India

With vast experience in surveys and market research for diversified industries, we know how complex the market structure can get in India as well as worldwide. Using our skills and past experience, we design accurate solutions that are personalised according to your branding needs. These solutions help you make key business decisions and enjoy profitable growth.

Our portfolio includes both medical and lifestyle brand names, with whom we have long standing associations till date. Whether you want to launch a new product or sustain an existing brand, we can conduct the desired research for you using quantitative and qualitative techniques to produce constructive reports. Leveraging cutting edge technology, we work on innovative platforms to deliver accurate reports and help you achieve the desired results.

International Market Research Services & Types of Market Research

Under our market research service umbrella, we offer the following:

Market Entry Research

Exicon compiles market entry reports with detailed competitor analysis, market entry barriers, market sizing, and industry-specific regulations. We also perform in-depth research on market feasibility by identifying business hurdles and legal issues.

Primary and Secondary Data Collection

We can collect original data from scratch via questionnaires, interviews and surveys for your research needs. On the other hand, we also source data from government statistics and trade publications. If needed, to suit your business requirements.

Risk Analysis

Before launching a new product or service, we evaluate the possible risk factors including threats and challenges. Working on quantitative risk modeling, we help prevent future threats. We also provide recommendations for countermeasures.

Advertising Research

We help improve the efficiency of your advertisements. Our skilled research team works on systematic collection and analysis of data to help develop or refine ad strategies, ads, commercials and media campaigns.

Industry Research & Trend Analysis

We perform industry-related research and identify what’s popular in the market currently. We also work on trend analysis and forecasting covering global consumer markets.

Brand Awareness Research

This determines the extent to which your customers can identify or recall your brand or product name. We conduct thorough research to help in creating brand campaigns that deliver higher ROI.

Pricing Research

An important foundation to better pricing modules, this type of research is conducted to identify which product features are valuable to your customers. We help you determine what features they are willing to pay for.

Customer Satisfaction Research

Under this offering, we work on creating studies or surveys to understand your consumer’s satisfaction level. We also use these surveys to collect important consumer data regarding their shopping or purchase experience.

Outsource to Exicon - Top Market Research Agency

Exicon offers an efficient way to outsource your research projects. We deliver top-notch results while saving you precious time and money too. We have a track record of performing admirably on pharmaceutical markets. Apart from the services mentioned above, we also work on exploratory research, strategizing and forecasting.

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